Praktyczne ćwiczenia z Present Simple

Wpisz czasowniki w odpowiedniej formie.

1.I (drink) .......... tea very often.
2.The earth (go) .......... round the sun.
3.Mike (smoke) .......... a lot.
4.The children (play) .......... all day.
5.He (read) ......... a newspaper every day.
6.You (know) ........... many people.
7.He (try) .......... to swim every summer.
8.Anna (teach) .......... Maths.


1. drink
2. goes
3. smoke
4. play
5. read
6. know
7. tries
8. teaches

Podaj zdania w formie przeczącej:

1. I learn English.
2. She lives in London.
3. We like watching TV.
4. Kate usually gets up late.
5. I and my sister visit our old friends.

Odpowiedzi do zadania:

1. I don't learn English.
2. She doesn't live in London.
3. We don't like watching TV.
4. Kate usually doesn't get up late.
5. I and my sister don't visit our old friends.

Podaj zdania w formie pytającej:

1. We always cook dinner.
2. He loves that girl.
3. They speak French.
4. You have breakfast at 8.
5. Tom goes to school by bus.

Odpowiedzi do zadania:
1. Do we always cook dinner?
2. Does he love that girl?
3. Do they speak French?
4. Do you have breakfast at 8?
5. Does Tom go to school by bus?

Odpowiedz krótko na następujące pytania:

1. Do you go to London?
2. Do you parents live in Europe?
3. Does your friend learn English?
4. Do you like popcorn?
5. Do you do homework every day?
6. Does your brother work in computers?
7. What do you do?
8. Where do you work?
9. Where do you live?
10. Do you live in a house or in a flat?

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